We upcycle and share our loves of fashion and styling with the others through Sustainability

Transformation of our lives as well as the others and the environment is the core vision of Tunalien. Tunalien is founded by Tina Aileen, a photographer and designer-maker in 2010 after she graduated from Central Saint Martin’s Fashion Design Womenswear course. During her time in St. Martin’s, she encountered a UK-based charity called TRAID, which inspired her to dedicate her life in eco-fashion. Design is a way to solving problems with aesthetics. “I found great satisfaction in designing items by utilising limited (sometimes weird) materials. Every items made are unique with their own stories.” Tina Aileen said, “I also circulate the items as much as I can, in order to minimised waste. That was how the clothing library was created.” Customers can rent the items as well as purchasing them. Except this, We also provide wardrobe upgrade service allows customers to upgrade their wardrobe without spending much on new items. 10% of the profit gained would be donated to support environmental and humanity projects.

To find out more about Tina Aileen and her personal brand, please visit www.tinaaileen.com or follow her Instagram account @tan2tina.


1. Upcycle with zero waste design method
2. Clothing Library to circulate items
3. Support Environmental and Humanity projects


1. Customers can collaborate with us when they want to upcycle their own items
2. Alternation service is available
3. Members of Clothing Library can also enjoy monthly fashion events with hospitality and styling consultation, where you can learn and meet the others.

Hand made

1. Items are handled with care, we do care every details, however, since the majority of materials are second-hand items, tiny defects maybe found. We trust that is part of the materials life cycle and understandable
2. Craftsmanship is everything. Although items are upcycled, inferior quality is not accepted

“Transformation of our lives as well as the others and the environment is the core vision of Tunalien.”
Tina Aileen


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