We create position which allows you use all your talents. Once we are satisified in the interviews and 2 weeks paid work trial, we will sign monthly rolling contract with you as a freelancer. We believe that you will be able to gain the most by freelancing with us. We will guide you in how to manage invoice, profit and loss, working hours, book keeping, tax return, managing pension and so on if needed.

Skills wanted (Full Time, Part Time, Internship available):
– Production (Designer, Pattern Maker, Seamstress)
– Administration (Personal Assistant, Secretary, Stock Manager, Logistics Personnel)
– Marketer (PR, Social Media Content Manager)
– Retail (Customer Service, Stylist)

Basic requirement:
– Self motivated, Reliable, Positive and Enthusiastic
Computer Literacy
– Keen eye on detail
– Excellent skills in your works/ crafts
– Ability to demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills

Compensation: Negotiable

6 + 12 =


By Appointment



How Long will I need to wait for getting an answer for my employment?

We try to have a phone interview in a week and organise a face to face interview (with accessment) a week after the phone interview. After the interviews, we will make a decision in whether to have a work trial with you or not. The whole process will last for a month.

We will retain your personal data given in the application process for 2 months.

How long will the face to face interview be?

The interview itself will last 20 to 30 mins. After that we will do some basic accessments, please reserve another 1.5 hour.

How does the company culture look like?

Family-like, everyone treats each other with respect and courtesy. We all support one another.

Once being employed, you will be assigned to one senior member of staff who will be your mentor for 6 months, although you and him/ her may not be in the same department.

We are highly motivated team dedicated to make a difference in the world. This is the reason why we have a longer process in looking for the right staff. We hope that you will enjoy working with us and the work fulfills your passion and purpose.

Is there any benefits comes with the job?

We provide basic insurance policy covering your work. 

Although we do not provide maternity leave since we only provide freelance positions, we will provide you 6 months worth of salary when you decided to leave us for pregnancy, once you work with us more than 14 months. We will also hold your position for 14 months counting from your last date. We will look forward to your return.

On the job training will be provided for internships.


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