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Tunalien is an eco-fashion brand created by Tina Aileen, a photographer and designer-maker. Upcycled items are dedicated to fund-raise for environmental and humanity projects. You are welcomed to purchase and join clothing library membership. Give a second-life to the unwanted items and preserve our world.


One of a Kind Everything


  1. Collect unwanted items
  2. Separate the recyclable with the rest
  3. Mix and Match to create new items
  4. Put in Online shop
  5. Items are available for rental in our Clothing Library
  6. After staying in the Clothing Library for 2 years, the items would be recycled again 
  7. Items that are un-recyclable would be donated to charities and organisations for down-cycle (deform the items in fibre, ready for weaving and knitting again in factories)

Wardrobe Upgrade

Would you like to upgrade your wardrobe without breaking the bank? A lot of the items in our wardrobe are not being worn that often. Why not use them as materials for upcycling? We can help you to sort them out and create new styles suitable for you. Contact us for more details.

Clothing Library


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