Circular Business Model for Sustainability

We work hard in achieving zero waste goal and carbon neutral by simple steps:

  1. Collect unwanted items
  2. Separate the recyclable with the rest
  3. Mix and Match to create new items
  4. Put in Online shop
  5. Items are available for rental in our Clothing Library
  6. After staying in the Clothing Library for 2 years, the items would be recycled again 
  7. Items that are un-recyclable would be donated to charities and organisations for down-cycle (deform the items in fibre, ready for weaving and knitting again in factories)

We would prioritise local collection to minimise carbon footprint and we recycle the materials as much as we can. Here are a few of our new products:

To know more about us, please see this link. We look forward to knowing your needs and comment, feel free to contact us anytime by email: or message us on Instagram ( handle: @tunalien )